The Dark Night of a Faerie’s Soul

dark faerie 2 - Copy

When an earth faerie’s heart becomes darkened by grief and despair the sky fills with wind driven clouds, grey and heavy. Tree branches toss, dripping leaves like tears, casting shadows between their earth bound bodies. Her head fills with mist that pours from her eyes now dulled by the sky’s rushing gloom. The mist grows, coiling around her, creeping fingers of fog filling her woodland den. Upon her feet she wears the ashes of dusk, a blackness that seeps deep into the pores of her soul. Her steps hesitate, pull her in too many directions, turn her willowy legs to burdensome logs sinking into the mud. Once regal wings that sparkled crystalline in the moonlight now hang languid, listless under the leaden clouds, flight a memory, joy a song lost somewhere deep in the forest of lost love and regret. The drumbeats of hearts no longer beating echo through the vines, twisting their rhythm into lost visions of forgotten dreams.

Darkness becomes her ally guiding her through moonless nights and storm filled days. Caressing her like a drunken lover he soothes her broken heart with tales he has woven from raven wings and owl claws. His words are filled with the breath of night, a sweet darkness that envelops her in its velvet cocoon lulling her deep into the welcoming black dreamless sleep.

“Rest, my sweet love”, Darkness whispers in her pointed ear, “Let me take you to places where movement ceases and dreams lie still at the bottom of the moor. Places that echo with silence, where light is but a memory of star shine behind sullen clouds passing on their way to tomorrow. Sleep long and full in my woeful arms until there is no more sorrow left in your grieving heart. Only then can you awaken with hope in your hand, sun on your wings and peace the crown you wear. For only in darkness will you find the elements of rebirth, the fodder for new life that waits beneath the frozen soil of sorrow. Only night can give birth to day and darkness to light.”

She sleeps under the blanket of earth in the arms of Darkness while night sways like an ocean above her dreams.


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