It’s common knowledge among faeries that holes in ones socks is a sign that one needs grounding. So imagine my horror when I realized that all my socks had developed holes in the soles. Holes in the soles are the worst kind of holes. Only extreme space cadets walk around with them, their heels sticking to their shoes, tiny sucking sounds whispering around their feet. These holes in my socks weren’t the tiny inconsiderate type that peek at you like candle light through pin holes. Oh no…these holes were big, brazen brutes that threatened to expose near half my foot to the cold reality of my inner boot.

Now, some people will immediately throw away these holey socks and buy new ones. Then within a short period of time like a few days or weeks they start noticing holes in the new socks. This can lead to a vicious cycle of throwing and buying that could be avoided by simply taking some advice from faery, namely – get grounded!

There are many reasons why a human or faerie can become ungrounded or air-headed, as my faerie friends like to call it. Sometimes it comes from too much dreaming both the sleeping and awake kind. Sometimes it can be caused by living in an upstairs home and not coming down or walking on the ground enough. Then sometimes it can strike if you’ve been hanging around too many winged creatures whether faerie or otherwise. Once in a while it’s simply because one is spending too much time in their socks and not letting their feet breathe. And then there is winter, when some of us tend to stay indoors too much or forced by the weather cannot be outdoors enough. I’m afraid the latter reason is my excuse.

Where I live it usually gets very cold with lots of snow in winter so I’m use to a bit of feet-off-the-ground activity this time of the year and I‘m usually prepared for it. But this winter caught me off guard starting out very different with warmer temperatures and very little snow. So it was easy to stay grounded, taking walks and being in nature, feet firmly planted on the ground. That is until a couple of weeks ago when the sky opened up and dumped feet of snow and terribly frigid temps on us. If it had been the usual soft fluffy snow there wouldn’t have been a problem but this snow had teeth; long, jagged, sharp ones and it knew how to use them! Heavy, wet and unforgiving it fell with a vengeance like frozen blankets for hours and hours. When it was over I crawled into my cave and stayed there to wait for Spring to rescue me. That’s when I found the holes in my socks and knew what I had to do.

There are a few ways for a faerie or human to get grounded but most of them have to do with being out of doors and with two feet of heavy snow and way below freezing temperatures these techniques were beyond my very limited shoveling abilities. So I did the only thing I could while in the warmth of my winter cave. I took off my shoes, put on some music and danced.

While I danced I imagined I was in a field of daisies and clover, my feet tickled by their petals, my toes digging into soft earth. Singing birds and a gentle breeze caressed my mind, butterflies floated around my head landing on my nose and chin. For awhile I was transported to that field my feet touching the floor, my spirit feet going deeper until they settled on the earth. When the music ended and my feet were still I could still smell the clear, fresh air of a Summer evening.

I was finally grounded.

Now if this snow would just go away so I can go buy some new socks.

Faerie - Penny For A Dance



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