The Sleepy Muse

I’ve been struggling for weeks to wake up my Muse, a desert of wordless nights, cold and dry, drifting beneath my bare summer feet. Every time she would suddenly open one eye, a sweet idea trickling from its corner she would just as quickly slam it shut leaving me empty of words, a shell of disconnected nothings.

Oh, my days were lovely enough! The growing and blooming of my first woodland garden keeping me in awe of the miracle of soil and seed clinging to each other, waiting for the shower that would bring them to life. Afternoon visits from a mother deer and her twins stopping to stare at me as I did them. And then there was the joyous experience of teaching young grandchildren how to plant seeds and wait for their bounty of carrots, squash and flowers. Daily walks in the woods with my little dog; watching my honey bees busy in the garden; picking the first tomatoes and finding those first eggs given by chickens I hand raised. Yes, my summer has been filled with joy and wonder but words on paper were not a part of it.

And now as I write I realize that my sleepy Muse is smiling. She knows me better than I do. First you must experience…then you write. Her words echo in my spirit. She shows me sunsets –  pink, purple and golden; the first fine grass growing in the sand like baby’s hair, soft and sparse; the music of two owls calling to each other every night outside my bedroom window; thunder and lightening, a rainbow in my back yard…. So much beauty and wonder sometimes leaving me speechless, wordless, unable to lift pen to paper, powerless to explain the irrepressible elation bubbling in my soul.

I sit breathing in air that still feels like summer but smells like autumn. The Earth has decided to stretch summer a bit longer, a second chance at warm nights and sunny days even as dry leaves fall to the ground and crunch beneath my sandals. I am grateful for this long season and all I have encountered while my Muse took a long nap at my expense.

But she is forgiven.
After all, she seems to have been talking in her sleep a bit…look at all these words!

faerie - The Long Nap


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